Adventures in the most livable city(part 2)-Melbourne



Today it was a warm winters day and the city was filled with the sweet aroma of zeal as everyone was going about their business.The city is always vibrant,filled with lots of people who are determined to make it through the streets without wasting any time but there is a whole other side to this breathtaking city besides the hustle and bustle . Melbourne is a city filled with creative hearts longing to be seen and heard. There is Art everywhere from the teenage boy doing a marvelous magic trick to the lowly woman painting eye catching portraits on old vinyls. There is always a lot going on and I always make it a point to walk slowly when I make my way back to the train station after hours because I don’t want to miss a single thing. It’s no surprise that I took an unexpected detour today; I can’t help it when there are still so many lanes and crevices I’m yet to explore.Today I was hanging around Flinders street and Hosier Lane. I am always intrigued by magnificent architecture and so when I came across the St John’s Anglican Church along Flinders street I had to take a picture (many in fact). This building is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. There is so much detail..I couldn’t even begin to describe so I’ll just show you.



St John’s Anglican Church (this is just the side of the building because of where I was standing but it’s a beautiful picture nonetheless)


The front view of the church


Don’t know what this building is but I just loved the architectural details(anyone know what this is?)


And then there was Hosier Lane(street art). If you’ve heard about Melbourne you’ve probably heard about this graffiti filled lane. It is beautiful and even if you are not an art lover you will surely appreciate this!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset1622BEE0-3B83-4164-BAE8-2E9872B62DA8Processed with VSCO with f2 preset945B36C3-464F-4D93-90F7-14312891F5E98AE30FA8-CF46-4F5E-9D5A-9363711CED80

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