Adventures in The Worlds most livable city: Melbourne,Australia (part 1)

I went on my first City escapade and I couldn’t wait to share it. I have lived in Africa my whole life ,in a 3rd world country so most of these experiences are very new to me. I have to say that Melbourne is a beautiful city!I have living in Harare,in Cape Town and in Johannesburg and none of these cities can compare to Melbourne.Every thing you’ve heard is true and a whole lot more. The buildings are beautiful with an old English feel and the modern buildings are breathtaking.

Navigating in the city is Farely  easy. There are trains, trams,cabs and just walking will get you seeing everything without any hassles. I haven’t visited the tourist attractions just yet but what I have seen has left me wanting more of this city.

If you are ever looking for a good place to visit this should be one of the places on the top of your list.


These pictures are just of my explorations (mostly things I stumbled upon )Just North  of the Yarra river.


Have you ever visited/lived in Melbourne?Do you have any suggestions on where I should visit next?


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Next stop..Exploring the restaurant  scene in Melbourne (can’t wait!)


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