Makeup life hacks : how to do your eyebrows without an eyebrow kit/brushes

9CBC4F3C-4EB3-4415-B2BF-1027C1DDC795(This is an old pic but I used liquid liner and a little powder to get this look)


Hey guys,

So I always have people ask me how I do my brows and I chuckle (on the inside) because I usually use unconventional things to get my eyebrows fleeking.

So I am Going to show you how to use whatever you have right now in your make up bag to get your eyebrows looking Instagram ready!!


1. Using liquid eyeliner 

Not only just any liquid liner…it’s BLACK! I know it’s a cardinal eyebrow rule not to use black(rather use browns and greys etc) But the thing is sometimes all you have is the black eyeliner you use  and maybe you aren’t that person that puts makeup first and going to the store to buy a new liner (when you have a perfectly good one) makes you cringe a little, Or maybe you are just on a tight budget and can’t afford to go on makeup hauls just yet.

Dont worry I’m here to help!I do a lot of experimenting with makeup and especially when I was in college I did a lot of diy stuff and I realized that there are always alternatives!!always

I prefer my eyebrows looking natural so that is what I will post today(If you like the dramatic brows All you need to do is to add more  color and voila)



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

from left to right : old L’Oréal mascara brush , black liquid liner, tan eyeliner(it’s not brown), black sleek pencil eyeliner and clarins concealer



Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Wash excess liner brush until it’s leaves a light watery black color like the picture below..


I usually use my my hand but you can do this on any flat surface/container . Use this watery mixture for eyebrows.


Firstly, shape your brows with desired shape (outline) and start filling any gaps


Fill in the brows


Left undone  eyebrow


Right finished brow


For a more detailed look at what I did and to see the finished look please check out the video here >>



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